Camera Stabilizers

The new, affordable Autopilot stabilizer from ProAm USA offers an amazing value when you combine the ability to create such fluid shots with our lifetime commitment to our users. Smooth, dynamic movements are made easily as the Autopilot absorbs unwanted camera motion over all types of terrain.

Professional Camera Stabilization from ProAm USA

The Autopilot Camera Stabilizer is the most affordable and user-friendly stabilization device designed and assembled in the USA. The flowing movements you'll capture will bring an entirely new element to your videos.

Why Use a Camera Stabilizer?

  • Smooth, stabilized video looks more professional.
  • You may be able to increase viewer watch time with smoother shots.
  • You can avoid using obvious post production stabilization effects.
Camera Stabilization has come a long way in the past few years. Analog and digital gimbal options abound, filmmakers and videographers are continually in search of tools to help them achieve smooth, flowing shots.

Analog or Digital Gimbals?

  • Analog stabilizers can often produce a more organic feel, but require more operator skill.
  • Digital gimbals require less user input, but can appear almost unnaturally smooth and robotic.
  • Digital models require battery power and should not be used in wet conditions.
  • Analog systems are more rugged and one less battery powered device to worry about.
  • Analog gimbals can cost a fraction of the price of new digital stabilizers.

What Are People Saying?

You will definitely want to invest in the ProAm USA Autopilot Camera Stabilizer, the results speak for themselves.
- Brady Betzel of

The simplicity of it’s use meant even a novice could pick it up and be off and running with it.
- Tej Babra of