Every ProAm USA product begins with a problem that we want to solve to deliver a better shooting experience: smoother transitions, a sturdier platform, a lighter rig, etc.

We investigate the problem by analyzing the current market, and if there is no apparatus to do what we want to do, we figure out how to build one.

Just an idea to begin with, it is progressively refined into engineering drawings, then we make prototype parts using 3D printers. 3D printing technology lets us work with actual parts much sooner than if we had to make machined parts, so we can test and refine our designs in a matter of weeks rather than months. It also allows us to try more designs and different solution approaches, so we can figure out the best possible design.

process drafting 3D

Once the design is tested we send digital files to the machine shop where state-of-the-art CNC and milling machines produce production parts. Because these machines are so accurate, we can produce equipment of exceptional quality with tolerances that are not possible with other manufacturing methods.

The first run through the machine shop is actually a pilot run, not a production run. We take the pilot parts and inspect and test then to determine that they meet our design specifications. Then we assemble them and run a series of quality tests on the complete product. Once our engineers have signed off, we start the production runs.