Camera Cranes & Jibs

  • Need to Wow Your Viewers? Create Epic Shots with a Camera Crane
  • Spend Less Time on Set with Tool-Less, One Person Setup
  • Cranes & Jibs Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • LIFETIME Warranty On All Camera Cranes 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ProAm USA - America's Camera Crane Manufacturer

ProAm USA has been manufacturing camera cranes for over a decade here in the US. The Orion and Taurus lines of jibs are designed to be the most effective booming tools for Filmmakers of all levels. The sweeping pans and rising movements you'll record will add a level of excitement and awe for your viewers.

Why Use a Camera Crane?

  • Get far reaching pans and pedestal style movements to capture viewer attention.
  • Adds a level of professionalism that can influence audience trust and opinion.
  • Variety of perspectives can't be made with other gear.
  • Ability to add value to your shots for very little cost.
  • Jibs are rugged tools that require no batteries and little upkeep.

Which Crane Is Best for Me?

  • If you're shooting indoors in confined spaced, consider a compact jib like the Orion DVC50 or DVC60.
  • For a crane that's suited to both indoors and outdoors, see the Orion DVC200 and DVC210.
  • If you need to get massive shots, add a 4 ft extension to the Orion DVC200 and DVC210.
  • For travelers, the CarryOn Jib can be so compact that it fits in a carry on sized bag yet can be made 8 ft.
  • For heavy camera loads, see the Taurus Jr, a compact jib that supports up to 30 lbs.

All of our cranes are tool-less designs that can be setup in minutes and operated by a single person. This allows you to arrive on location, setup, and begin recording amazing, valuable shots in minutes.

What Are People Saying?

I had an excellent experience with the Orion DVC210 crane/jib, and would not hesitate to use it again on a shoot.
- Mike Perlman of

You won't add smoother camera movement to your shots with anything else that costs this little.
- Chuck Gloman of

Operating this crane is really, really simple.
- Jaron Schneider of