User Created Videos using ProAm USA Film & Video Gear

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A young filmmaker from Singapore, Dickson TWY shows off his talent with this footage he shot with the new Autopilot Stabilizer.

All the way from Italy, AnnabellaFoto makes great use of the Orion DVC200 with 4' Extension to make an amazing wedding video.

Legacy Icons used a ProAm USA Orion DVC250 Camera Jib to get the stunning video shown below.

Great vid made by Alex Walker. His team used the Orion DVC200 mounted in the back of a truck!

Below, an Orion DVC200 with 4 ft extension has been nicknamed "Marion"

Watzka Media Productions from Germany made these cool movements with the Orion DVC200 and 4 foot extension.

Jeff Lampo sets up his Orion DVC200 12 foot model in only 2 minutes to get some great shots.

Blue and Gold Studios using the Orion DVC210 8 foot model for cool test shots.

Reid Cipriani took his Autopilot to a rock garden for some beautiful test shots.

Nico Saiger from Germany shows off some impressive test footage from the compact Orion Jr. 4 ft DVC50 crane.

Bryce Fritzel shot the music video "Indiana Weekend" using his Orion DVC210 model crane.