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As a screenwriter or a director, you’re responsible for so many different parts of the filmmaking process. The work achieved by both of these roles literally dictate what the film will turn into.  As a screenwriter, you have to conceive and birth the story. You have to labor over it to make it into something amazing that will hit 5,000 story beats and resonate with a vast audience.  As a director, everyone answers to you. This sounds cool until you’re on set with hair and makeup wanting to know the style you’re going for, actors needing direction, the DP trying...

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I'm a member of a local filmmakers group who get together once monthly to create short films. We pull scripts in a lottery type system and after a month of pre-production, we shoot them on a weekend. Everyone does this for free and mostly out of enjoyment of the process. We also have a lot of aspiring filmmakers on set who are interested in learning by being a part of the production. It's an incredibly enjoyable, low pressure arrangement where I feel like we're able to get creative and have fun. The Problem What's not fun, however, is setting up...

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