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Every so often, a low budget film produced with affordable gear comes along that is as good as a blockbuster hit made with a huge budget. So how do they do it? It helps to have great production skills and a creative mind to substitute the high cost of production with available resources. Low budget indie films can range from different topics and genre, but the most important thing is the story. It has to catch and hold the attention of the audience while being backed up with smart and captivating cinematography techniques. No matter what resources you use in...

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Traveling with the purpose of filming and documenting new locales is to see the world like you’ve never seen it before– through your camera. The journey will be difficult, it will be long and it may break you (your equipment that is.) Even with the best-planned itinerary, the entire trip is full of unpredictable elements; changing weather, flight delays, rental car issues, etc. So you need to consider factors like your health, the possible weather events in your destination, your route options, your crew's needs and of course the equipment you will be using for your shoot. "Preparedness is the...

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