Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt

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TigerTilt is a full function remote controlled pan & tilt head by ProAm USA. This is an affordable motorized panhead which is controlled by a single, pressure sensitive joystick remote. The construction is strong, yet lightweight aluminum allowing it to support up to 8 lbs. We recommend that off camera audio recording be done to eliminate noise from the motors.


It's a fully portable unit, powered by the included LPE6 battery and adapter plate. For studio use, it also includes a 12V AC Adapter.


The TigerTilt uses a 10 foot, 4 pin XLR cable to transmit power through the joystick remote. The included 10' cable can be daisy chained for longer reach.


TigerTilt Pan & Tilt Head, Joystick Remote Control, 10' XLR power cable, LPE6 Battery & Charger, Battery Adapter Plate, AC Adapter & Camera mounting hardware.

  • Weight capacity: 8 lbs (3.64kg)
  • Unit weight: 5.4 lbs (2.45kg)
  • Shipping weight: 9 lbs (4.08kg)


3 year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer.

Demo Footage with TigerTilt and Taurus XL Jib