Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS
Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt - PRODUCTS


Motorized Joystick Remote Control Pan & Tilt Head - TigerTilt

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TigerTilt is a full function remote controlled pan & tilt head by ProAm USA. This is an affordable motorized panhead which is controlled by a single, pressure sensitive joystick remote. The construction is strong, yet lightweight aluminum allowing it to support up to 8 lbs. We recommend that off camera audio recording be done to eliminate noise from the motors.


Speed can be adjusted on-the-fly with more or less pressure applied to the joystick.

  • Fastest speed: 8.5 rpm
  • Slowest speed: 0.375 rpm


It's a fully portable unit, powered by the included BP915 battery and adapter plate. For studio use, it also includes a 12V AC Adapter.


The TigerTilt uses a 20 foot, 4 pin XLR cable to transmit power through the joystick remote. The included 20 foot cable can be daisy chained to over 100 feet for longer reach.

Amazing results. Affordable price. Easy decision.

TigerTilt Pan Head Mounted to Orion DVC210 Camera Crane



TigerTilt Pan & Tilt Head, Joystick Remote Control, Remove Mounting Clamp, 20' XLR power cable, BP915 Battery & Charger, Battery Adapter Plate, AC Adapter & Camera mounting hardware.

  • Weight capacity: 8 lbs (3.64kg)
  • Unit weight: 5.4 lbs (2.45kg)
  • Shipping weight: 9 lbs (4.08kg)
  • Joystick box features a bottom 1/4-20 mount
  • Battery adapter plate includes sticky Velcro tabs


1 year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer.

Questions & Answers

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  • Can this work with the 4' Orion Jr. ? Looking to improve my videos and this would be a God send!

    Yes, the TigerTilt will work with the Orion Jr (DVC60) when it has the Overslung Camera Mount. The L bracket will not support the weight.

  • Hi Does the Tiger Tilt mount to the Orion DVC200 12 ft Camera Crane Production Package perfectly? Or do I need an extra accessory? Thanks guys!

    You'll need an over-slung mount to attach the TigerTilt. Compatible cranes would be the Orion DVC210 or the Orion DVC210 Production Package. If you already have the DVC200 model, you can upgrade using the Over-slung Mount kit.

  • Is there a way to zoom on a zoom capable camera?

    It's possible if your camera has a Lanc or control L input. Then you could use our controller. 

  • will this work with my Panasonic 180 camera.

    Yes, it will work great with the Panasonic AG-UX180.

  • can this be mounted on a 25ft end zone camera tower?

    Yes, we have had a few customers use them on poles for filming sporting events. Additional cables can be chained together for extra reach. 

  • Hi there, Can you please provide me with the overall dimensions of the tigertilt unit. We are interested in this system for use with a Sony FCB camera block, but we require a pan tilt system that is small enough to fit into a tight space, any dimensional data that you can provide (such as drawings) will be a great help. Regards

    Yes, please see these images with dimensions listed. First are basic dimensions and next I have the dimensions of maximum diameters of the moving parts. If you need any additional information, please contact us at

  • Could the joystick box be replaced by a control panel or laptop input that can specify the pan/tilt angle instead?

    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a method to do this. The only exterior input on the joystick for control is the XLR jack. I would say it should be technically possible to interface with the PCB board if you are very technically experienced, but we have not attempted this nor have heard of another user doing so. I'm sorry this isn't of more help.

  • Is the maximum angular speeds high enough to film sporting events from an elevated position (soccer games from a high stand)?

    Yes, this would be a great use for the TigerTilt and we have customers using it for sporting events. If your camera can be controlled by a LANC remote, this item would be helpful.

  • What would I need to mount this to a Manfrotto universal head (that includes a 28mm socket and a baby pin stud) in the most stable configuration? I intend on running this on a high stand tripod.

    Generally a flatter surface is recommended such as a fluid tripd head. However it can still be mounted to a stand. If you have a Manfrotto Cine Stand, use the pop up stud with 3/8" threading to mount the TigerTilt. Place the threads through the center hole and secure it with the provided 3/8" wingnut.

  • Watched the video of the Tiger Tilt and it seems to be too noisy which can be distracting in certain settings... is there a way to muffle the motor noise?

    Due to the motor noise, we recommend using off camera audio recording if available. In tests, we've managed to muffle noise using additional adhesive backed foam strips placed around the motors. We'll work on a new video showing operation from the mounted camera versus a camera pointed at the device to better exhibit the noise level during operation. Please stay tuned!

Customer Reviews

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Dr Phill Entertainment
Great Product

The item is as advertised!! The pan tilt head is very robust and have a good metalic finish.
Took off a point because the joystick box is very plasticy feels fragile. Also could have better design to accomodate the hands resting or gripping so the join stick movements can flow.

William Campbell
Best I've Found Yet

I record sports events from an elevated tripod and this motorized pan and tilt head is a very intrinsic part of my operation. I only have one small concern with it. The cogs of the gears do not fit tightly enough to keep it from being susceptible to gusts of wind, which is pretty common filming outdoors. That said, I tried another device from proaim which came from India and was jacked up because customs apparently took the screws out (that's another story, sorry I digress), and it wasn't nearly as solid and efficient as the ProAm USA TigerTilt. Hopefully, there is a way to bring those gears more tightly together to compensate for exposure to higher winds. Otherwise, albeit more expensive than other pan/tilt combinations, it's an excellent and reliable system. I highly recommend it.