360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs - PRODUCTS
360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs - PRODUCTS
360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs - PRODUCTS
360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs - PRODUCTS


360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs

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The 360-Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount enables any ProAm Camera Crane or Jib to mount to the 3/8" center column of heavy duty tripod legs. It allows you to smoothly pan your camera crane a full 360 degrees using two sets of integrated steel bearings. It comes with a knob to lock the pan of the mount. This 3/8" bearing mount is very useful if your tripod head cannot support the weight of the camera crane.

Total weight including the camera crane and counterweights can easily reach over 50 lbs, but that's no problem for this 3/8" bearing mount! This mount can connect to either tripod legs or our camera crane stand. A fully threaded 3/8"-16 screw hole is in the center of the all-aluminum CNC machined mounting plate. The finish is a scratch-resistant black matte powder-coating.

Outside Diameter: 3" (7.62 cm)
Inside Diameter: 3/8" (0.953 cm)
Thickness: 19/32" (1.51 cm)
Top Mount: Threaded 3/8"-16 hole
Bottom Mount: Threaded 3/8"-16 hole
Included Bolt: Hexhead 3/8"-16 x 3/4"
Large Bearings: 1 x Thrust Needle Bearing and 2 x Washers
Small Bearings: 1 x Thrust Ball Bearing and 2 x Washers
Load Capacity: 500 lbs (226.8 kg)


*Tripod and camera crane bracket not included

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  • Hi, I'd like to know if there's a 3/8" screw at the top of this so that I can install a "tripod head" on this. Essentially I have a head that allows my camera to tilt up and down, but I don't like the panning part of it. I like a super smooth panning base with bearing. Can I use this and fix this onto a tripod?

    Unfortunately, there may not be an easy way to mount a tripod head to this item. However, this item may be a good option: https://amzn.to/3sy57du

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Hugh Daly
Great to work with American made products.

With over 40 years of video production in the New York marketplace, I have experienced many video supply companies. Some good, some "Not so good". Proam USA is the definite exception to the rule. I have found this company to exceed what I would consider "TERRIFIC". Their prices are reasonable and their video gear is awesome. I just equipped my company with Proam's Orion jib including extensions and remote control of camera movements.
Highly recommed Proam USA
Hugh C. Daly- President
JHD Productions Ltd.
BayShore, New York 11706

Art Alt
Perfect solution

I am using the Orion 8' camera crane. I have not been happy with the pan movement being jerky and difficult to control (attached to the basic tripod stand). I called for advice re this issue. The 360 pan bearing mount was recommended. I ordered it (received it in TWO DAYS - is that service?!)
Immediately installed the device in my crane and WOW. What a difference.
This is a MUST HAVE addition for your Crane.

great products

I ordered some items for my jib crane. The items arrived on-time and as advertised. Everything works great and has a nice quality feel to it. I highly recommend this company!

John Watson
Bearing makes a big difference

The bearing is a simple way to smooth out the motion of your jib. I just installed it on my tripod and it makes a big difference. Not sure how much is from the tripod and how much from the bearing, but the combination is worth it. Would be nicer if the bearing had a lock or a dampener, but it works well. I'm happy with it.

Adrian Sanchez
This little bad boy is great!

When I used my own stand, the nut would unscrew after panning causing my crane to wobble. This little thing made everything 100Xs better! It moves very smooth and it's 50Xs sturdier than How it used to be when I did it my way! Thanks!