Orion DVC210 12 ft Wedding Production Package

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Wedding videographers hold one of the most important and challenging jobs. They're responsible for capturing all the sacred moments of a couple's special day. The right kind of equipment can be crucial.

There's a fine line between being close enough to obtain great footage and being in the way. Often, wedding videographers have to rely on holding their camera above the guests' heads, hoping to catch the right shots. With the 12' Orion DVC210 Camera Crane, that worry goes away! The DVC210 allows you to stay far enough back but still capture up close and personal shots. The 12' DVC210 can reach up to 15 feet in the air and extends 9 feet out from the tripod.

This piece of equipment can single handedly transform the way you film weddings. When viewing the final film project, your clients will feel like they've traveled back in time and are right there in the moment again. Order the ProAm Wedding Package today to see the difference for yourself!

Complete Wedding Production Package includes the ProAm Orion DVC210 12 ft Crane, Steel Support Cables, Tilt Brake, Tripod and Bearing Mount, Crane Carrying Bag, 7" HDMI Monitor, 7" LCD Sunshade, 15' HDMI Cable, NP Battery & Adapter Plate, Battery Charger & Velcro Cable Straps.

Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight and sturdy 6061 aircraft aluminum construction
  • Gains 5ft (152cm) from the tripod or support and up to 11ft from the ground when attached to a large tripod
  • Convertible design allows 4' extension to be added later
  • Quickly mounts to standard tripod heads using 1/4" x 20 or 3/8" x 16 threads. Does not require removal of the head
  • Camera can tilt independent of the crane itself
  • Operate with one hand using auto-tilt mode. Camera stays level.
  • 8' crane breaks down into two 4' sections in seconds
  • Weights can be easily added for counterbalance (not included)
  • Get shots from below or overhead subject
  • Crane supports up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Smooth effortless motions on three axis
  • LCD monitor can be easily added to view live footage
  • DVC210 crane weighs only 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
  • The video camera and plate weight are not included.

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Ask a Question
  • Does this come with the PRO TRIPOD AND 3/8 INCH PANNING BEARING MOUNT?

    Yes, both the tripod and 360° bearing mount are included in this package. 

  • Is there a way, even with an added accessory, that the manual tilting function can be locked into a specific position if I need a specifically framed/fixed shot where auto tilt does not put the camera's tilt in the desired position if we are looking for a set it and forget it/unmanned scenario?

    Yes, there are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First, we would recommend mounting a tripod head to the camera platform and fixing the position as needed. With a fluid head mounted, you can also operate the camera from the front for nice, controlled compound movements. The second option would be for us to install a locking knob on the tilt handle, so you could brake it into a fixed position. We can do this free of charge if you just let us know that you'd like the change.