ProAm USA 5" LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade

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Have you ever found yourself shooting outdoors and unable to see your DSLR or DV camera's external LCD screen? Glare on a bright, sunny day can make it impossible to see what you are filming.

Shooting and filming outdoors has its ups and downs. On the plus side you can capture stunning photos and record breath taking HD videos but on the downside you are subject to the elements of nature.

The ProAm 5” LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade is exactly what you need.

This flexible, black nylon wrapped LCD Video Monitor hood is designed specifically for 4.6" to 5" LCD Monitors and will give you the confidence for shooting outdoors and allow you to see in detail what is on your external video monitor.

The rigid frame and the black nylon of the ProAm Monitor Hood prevents external light from entering the monitor screen, which allows you to see the LCD screen clearly without glare.

The ProAm 5” LCD Hood / Sunshade is versatile. It has a 2-piece design allowing you to remove or attach the bottom section of the monitor hood to gain access to the monitor controls. The outer edge is lined with Velcro and attaches to your 5” monitor with sticky backed Velcro strips.

This allows it to be quickly and easily affixed and removed. The dimensions of the ProAm 5” LCD Hood / Sunshade are very compact. The top has a depth of 5” which narrows down to 3.5” at the bottom. The inside dimensions are 5" wide by 3.25" high. Exterior is 5.5" wide by 3.75" high.

Shooting outdoors can never be more easy comfortable!

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