Orion DVC260 6 ft DSLR Camera Crane / Jib

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Orion DVC260 is ProAm USA's newest crane model. The compact 6' crane fits into tight spaces other cranes can't, while the optional 3 ft extensions allows the crane to extend up to 12 feet! The black powder-coating presents a professional look to your clients and the strong aluminum frame provides the stability you can count on. The DVC260 features an over-slung platform to support cameras loads up to 10 lbs, and the included camera extension plate allows you to attach cameras that may not be as compact as DSLRs.

No tools are required as the ProAm Orion DVC260 is shipped pre-assembled. Setup takes only a few minutes and operation is simple and straightforward. Literally, in minutes, you'll be able to achieve superior, professional shots that add incredible value to your productions. The Orion DVC260 crane is perfect for DSLR users who need to achieve professional results at an affordable price.

What sets ProAm USA cranes apart from others on the market?

  • Don't be fooled by imitations! ProAm® virtually created the market for mid-sized cranes. While imitations come and go, ProAm® will be around to honor the crane's LIFETIME warranty.
  • The “single rail” design achieves a light weight crane easily assembled by 1 person. It is complemented and made more stable by a second rail that accomplishes the tilt function.
  • High Density scratch resistant powder-coating. Others use only a black spray paint which flakes off easily.
  • The combination of price, usable features and excellent build quality make it the best mid-sized crane on the market. The manufacturer warranties the product for life and we guarantee your total satisfaction with our 30 day money back policy!
  • The design is completely tool-less at no extra cost!
  • With this camera crane, operators can choose to tilt the camera independently while tilting the crane body so there is no need for an expensive motorized panhead, or by using the auto tilt feature, keep the camera fixed at the same angle while tilting the crane body. Most cranes force you to keep the camera level while booming. That won't allow you to keep focused on a subject and can severely limits your shots.
  • ProAm® backs this product with a LIFETIME Guarantee, because they know it will last.
  • Design protected by US Patent.
6 ft compact travel camera jib crane DVC260 for dslr

6 ft compact travel camera jib crane DVC260 for dslr up top

6 ft compact travel camera jib crane DVC260 for dslr fully extended 12 ft


  • Lightweight and sturdy 6061 aircraft aluminum construction
  • Gains 3.5 ft (107cm) from the tripod or support and up to 9.5 ft from the ground when attached to a large tripod
  • Convertible design allows up to two 3' extension to be added later
  • Quickly mounts to standard tripod heads using 1/4" x 20 or 3/8" x 16 threads. Does not require removal of the head
  • Camera can tilt independent of the crane itself
  • Operate with one hand using auto-tilt mode. Camera stays level.
  • 6' crane breaks down into two 3' sections in seconds
  • Weights can be easily added for counterbalance (not included)
  • Get shots from below or overhead subject
  • Crane supports up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Smooth effortless motions on three axis
  • LCD monitor can be easily added to view live footage
  • DVC260 crane weighs only 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • This item includes the camera crane only. The video camera, plate weight and tripod/stand are not included.


    • 3 foot Extension - easily attaches without tools. Add up to two extension to extend the crane to 9' and 12'
    • Camera Crane Stand - is a great and economical support for a ProAm USA Camera Crane
    • 3/8" Bearing Mount for Crane - allows you to attach the crane directly to tripod legs and smoothly pan
    • Tilt Brake for Crane - allows you to lock the crane in a tilted position. Use only when counterbalanced.
    • Camera Crane Carrying Bag - easily fits a crane and accessories
    • Heavy Duty Tripod with 3/8" Bearing Mount - Sturdy set of ProAm USA tripod legs included with the 3/8" Bearing Mount

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