SALE Heavy Duty Pro Studio Tripod Legs & Bag Kit

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Mounting a heavy duty camera crane, or any DV or film camera that needs to be well-mounted and protected, requires a heavy duty tripod. That’s why the Heavy Duty Pro Studio Tripod Legs and Bag Kit is capable of supporting up to 30 pounds, enough to handle any filmmaking requirement.

The non-collapsible legs ensure a steadier tripod than collapsible legs while the rubber feet themselves can be retracted for a greater flexibility on any terrain. Additionally, a totally aluminum construction means that the Heavy Duty Pro Studio Tripod itself is only 7.5 lbs (3.4kg) - light enough to be moved from scene to scene with relative ease. It also means that you’ll still be able to pack light while packing Heavy Duty.

As for the specifications of this heavy duty tripod, you’ll find a total height of 41.5 inches (105cm)”. An additional 3/8” bearing mount is perfect for a ProAm USA Crane when you add it to the overall order. With the kit coming in at some $40 below regular price, you’re looking at a great bargain from any angle.


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