Pro Tripod and 3/8 Inch Panning Bearing Mount

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This tripod can easily support your ProAm crane, camera, and counterweights. Includes the 3/8" Panning Bearing Mount for easy attachment to any ProAm crane. The tripod with bearing mount smoothly pans 360 degrees without a tripod head.

Using devices like a ProAm camera crane can demand a lot of support from your tripod. Luckily, that’s why the ProAm Heavy Duty Tripod Legs exist. They’re capable of supporting loads up to 80 lbs (36kg), including professional HD cameras and performing quality moving crane shots on just about any type of terrain while helping you feel secure that your valuable crane equipment will stay mounted and protected.

These legs are a perfect compliment to a Manfrotto 501HDV or 503HDV head. The tripod legs weigh 8.5 lbs (3.8kg) and extend to a maximum 63"” tall. At 27”" tall when contracted, these heavy duty tripod legs also travel surprisingly well, and it doesn’t hurt that a tripod carrying bag is included with the overall package. But the tripod legs also transform well, extending to new, stable heights whenever you need them. You can make it skinny and tall or opt for a well-grounded, low camera angle.

A 3/8” screw mount on the top of the tripod ensures that you can use your camera cranes from ProAm easily and not have to worry about any equipment complications when the shooting day arrives. And when you throw in the geared telescopic center column and spreader for added stability, you know that you’ll be getting even, level shots every time.

At a great discount off regular price, the ProAm Pro Tripod Legs also make for an exceptionally affordable solution to your camera mounting requirements.


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