360 Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount to 3/8 Inch Tripod Legs

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The 360-Degree Pan Lockable Bearing Mount enables any ProAm Camera Crane or Jib to mount to the 3/8" center column of heavy duty tripod legs. It allows you to smoothly pan your camera crane a full 360 degrees using two sets of integrated steel bearings. It comes with a knob to lock the pan of the mount. This 3/8" bearing mount is very useful if your tripod head cannot support the weight of the camera crane.

Total weight including the camera crane and counterweights can easily reach over 50 lbs, but that's no problem for this 3/8" bearing mount! This mount can connect to either tripod legs or our camera crane stand. A fully threaded 3/8"-16 screw hole is in the center of the all-aluminum CNC machined mounting plate. The finish is a scratch-resistant black matte powder-coating.

Outside Diameter: 3" (7.62 cm)
Inside Diameter: 3/8" (0.953 cm)
Thickness: 19/32" (1.51 cm)
Top Mount: Threaded 3/8"-16 hole
Bottom Mount: Threaded 3/8"-16 hole
Included Bolt: Hexhead 3/8"-16 x 3/4"
Large Bearings: 1 x Thrust Needle Bearing and 2 x Washers
Small Bearings: 1 x Thrust Ball Bearing and 2 x Washers
Load Capacity: 500 lbs (226.8 kg)


*Tripod and camera crane bracket not included

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