In the Field Review - the 230Wh V-Mount Battery

In the Field Review - the 230Wh V-Mount Battery

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As a sole proprietor, I mostly work alone, and within that sphere I do my best to make as few changes as possible while on a shoot. 


The 230Wh V-Mount battery from ProAm has been a helpful part of my set up. I have been able to power my A7SII + Atomos Ninja V for an entire day and then some, which is critical for scenarios under a time constraint and with long interviews. Between the camera and recorder/monitor there is a hefty draw that my NP-F590's could barely sustain.

The battery has 4 extra ports on top of it, 2 USB and 2 D-Tap, which allows it to power the above electronics without using a V-Mount plate w/dummy battery. If all you had was a clip, the battery can still power anything you need, provided you have the right cables. This is an excellent design that not all batteries come with, and saves trouble when trying to source adequate plates with ports.


The weight itself can be useful, although it is a bit of a strain on my rig. Having a rig composed of many screws, fasteners and hinges, the weight can gradually pull and loosen them as the day goes on. My first shoot saw this problem, however, for my next shoot I substantially tightened everything beforehand and saw no loosening by the end of the day. Ideally, the more weight added to a mirrorless rig, the better. I have enjoyed the balance and stability it adds to hand-held shots - something otherwise lacking with such small, light cameras. 


The main reason for needing this battery was to portably power my Aputure 120D Mk II. That light has a very heavy draw, which typically only comes from a wall outlet. Using this 230Wh, 14.8v battery has helped me in a pinch more than once. I was able to light an exterior interview for about 30 minutes, and on a photo shoot I added some background fill light inside an industrial facility with limited outlet access. These two occasions alone make this battery a fantastic piece to have.



Ultimately, every piece of gear I own is supposed to allow me to work freely in any environment, allowing me to light how I please and where I please. For the last year I had been searching for an affordable and substantial enough battery to give me this freedom, and this battery from ProAm has been the answer.

Very grateful for the tool, I would highly recommend to solo shooters and small productions, both of which are within my experience.



David T.

Flywheel Media


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