5 Perks From a Career in Wedding Videography

5 Perks From a Career in Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is a relatively new trend regardless of the fact weddings have happened since the beginning of time. Not only is it a great side gig that provides you with tons of freedom, but you can quickly make it your full time job! But don’t just take my word for it- here are some of the biggest benefits that you’ll see immediately when you start your career as a wedding videographer.


1. Make Your Own Schedule

Working for yourself means you get to select whose wedding you film and whose you don’t. That means freedom over your brand and freedom over your time. These are benefits that simply don’t come from working for another person or entity. Taking time for yourself or your family any time you want is a noteworthy tick to put in the “pros” column.

2. Total Creative Control

While you should always take your clients ideas and desires into consideration, you have the freedom to make the film to your style and strengths. When you work for a company, they will typically tell you how videos should look and feel. When a client hires you for a wedding, you can bet they probably did their homework and already like your style. That means overall, you can keep doing things the way you like.

3. Networking

On top of potentially getting more work in the future and making friends, meeting other like-minded individuals is just good for the soul. Knowing people who understand you, want to work as a team, and can collaborate ideas is refreshing. While filming weddings you will usually spend a lot of time with the photographers. I almost always walk away with a great new friend and new trick or tip from them that can help my work.

4. Enough Consistency to Improve, Enough Changes to Keep it Challenging

A big goal for most videographers is to always improve; to keep up with the latest styles. And style is one thing you can expect to continue changing until the end of time. It’s also what makes wedding videography so fun. But weddings typically have similar layouts and timelines, leaving enough consistency to generally know what you can expect, improve your timing and learn which aspects are most important to you and your clients.

5. Travel the World

Picking your own clients and schedule also comes with the territory of choosing where your weddings are. Take advantage of social media by tagging specific venues, and promoting yourself in the cities you choose. You could be flying around the country or even the world if you choose!


Taylor Alexandra Dilger is one of the most stylish wedding videographers out of the Dallas metroplex. She’s been filming weddings since 2015 all over the state of Texas and beyond as her own boss as Taylor Alexandra Weddings.

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