$100 OFF our Best On-Camera LCD Monitors for Filmmaking

$100 OFF our Best On-Camera LCD Monitors for Filmmaking

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BIG LCD Monitor Summer Sale! We're giving you $100 off of our top IRIS line monitors for DSLR Shooters and Filmmakers, including our wireless HDMI model. 

Use Coupon Code: LCD100

First Up: IRIS Pro 2 (P7HD1)
Regularly $199 -> $99 with coupon code!

The IRIS Pro 2 features HDMI inputs and a built-in battery. Great resolution and color rendition, perfect for on the go DSLR and Mirrorless shooters.



Next Up: IRIS Pro HD (P7HD3)
Regularly $299 -> $199 with coupon code!

One of our best selling monitors, this beautiful 7 inch monitor packs a lot of features. It includes a histogram, vectorscope, audio level indicatiors, focus peaking assist & more. Power it with a standard Sony NP-F900 series battery.


Next Up: IRIS Pro Wireless HD (P7WHDI)
Regularly $699 -> $599 with coupon code!

Go wireless now! With similar features to our IRIS Pro HD, you get a full featured monitor with the benefit of wireless transmission. This LCD is perfect for a remote director's or client's display.

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