ProAm USA DSLR ProView Multipurpose LCD Viewfinder & Sunshade

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Small in Price, but Big in Features!

The ProView multipurpose viewfinder is one of the most versatile LCD Viewfinders for DSLR Video Cameras with standard 3 inch screens!

Clear and Sharp Images let you Focus with Ease!

The ProView multipurpose viewfinder will magnify your LCD screen image by 2.5 times so you can easily focus on your subject. It offers a true view of your image when working outdoors in bright daylight. An adjustable diopter ring moves the primary lens forward or backward if your image does not appear focused. This is especially helpful for those who have less than perfect vision.

Enjoy Shooting Outdoors

Prevent annoying glare on your screen so that you can see true color saturation, contrast and proper exposure.


  • 2.5 x Zoom
  • Adjustable Loupe Focus
  • Rotatable & Removable Eye-Cup
  • Doubles as DSLR LCD Sunshade
  • Magnetic Mounting Interface
  • Works best with most 3" to 3.2" LCD Screens
  • 1-3/4 in tall x 2-1/2 in wide (44x63mm)

Contents Include:

  • ProView Multipurpose LCD Viewfinder
  • 2 - Metal Frames with Adhesive Backs
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Lanyard Neckstrap


Ask a Question
  • Will this work with the Lumix G7 camera?

    Yes, it will fit the Panasonic Lumix G7's 3" LCD screen.

  • compatibility with Nikon D-800 and D-850?

    The ProView will work great with both the Nikon D800 and D850's 3.2" LCD screens.