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At multiple lengths up to 8 feet, the modular CarryOn Jib packs up to a compact 22 inches, going anywhere your projects take you.


Deciding which film gear to travel with can feel a lot like trying to decide which family member to leave behind – an often impossible decision to make. Whether you are going overseas or trekking into a local wildlife park, without a multi-person crew you’ll have no choice but to limit yourself and perhaps sacrifice that one perfect shot. Camera cranes are one of those unique pieces of equipment that can turn an okay video into a great one.

The high-reaching arm lets you capture dynamic and captivating shots. However, even the smallest crane models make filmmakers think twice before transporting them to a location, especially if that location involves taking gear on a plane. The CarryOn Jib changes that. It enables filmmakers to get gorgeous shots just like our other models, but in a form that is so small you wouldn’t have to think twice about taking it with you.

6ft camera crane

Shown in 6 foot mode The CarryOn Jib is the smallest and lightest crane of its kind supporting loads up to 10 pounds. It expands from a 4 foot mini-jib into a full 6 feet in length and can collapse into an unbelievable 22 inches, fitting into an airline approved carry on size bag, or easily in your checked luggage. The extension option brings the total length to an impressive 8 feet. The package is only 10 pounds, making it possible to take anywhere you and your camera go.


Super compact size at just 22 inches!

  • Easy to assemble, modular crane
  • Get dynamic movements only a crane can provide
  • 360º lockable bearing base with built-in bubble level
  • Oil impregnated brass bearings at all joints
  • Parts are CNC machined from highest quality aluminum
  • Vinyl coated steel cables provide automatic leveling
  • Interchangeable camera platform for optional 75mm bowl mount Shown in 6 foot mode
camera crane topcompact size bag for camera

Carry On Jib Specifications

  • 10 pound max weight capacity
  • Anodized CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Each section is 19.5 inches (3 sections included with base $299 jib)
  • Canvas bag included (22" long x 3" deep x 6.5" wide)
  • Vinyl coated steel tilt cables
  • Auto-tilting of camera
  • Crane tilt lock included
  • 360º panning (lockable)
  • Mounts to 3/8-16 threaded tripods
  • Interchangeable camera platform
  • Mounting holes for 1/4" and 3/8" screws.
  • Sliding 1" diameter counterweight bar with weight clamps
  • Operates in 1 of 3 lengths
  • Length (From fulcrum to end of platform)
    • Compact: 33" (2' 5") / 84cm
    • Standard: 52.5" (4' 4.5") / 133cm
    • Extended: 71.5" (6') / 182 cm
  • Length (From end to end)
    • Compact: 56.5" (4' 8.5") / 144cm
    • Standard: 76" (6' 4") / 193cm
    • Extended: 95.5" (8') / 243 cm
  • Weight
    • Compact: 6.2 pounds / 2.8 kg
    • Standard: 8.2 pounds / 3.7 kg
    • Extended: 9.4 pounds / 4.3 kg

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