Orion Jr DVC60 4 ft DSLR Camera Crane Production Package by ProAm USA

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Orion Jr DVC60 4 ft DSLR Camera Crane Production Package by ProAm USA


Having the vision of achieving studio quality shots throughout your film production is one thing; actually achieving it on a budget is another thing. Thankfully, both of those challenges are met with the Turn-key ProAm DVC60 Camera Crane Production Package, a comprehensive kit designed specifically to give your DSLR camera (up to 12 lbs) all of the smooth, Hollywood production style motion you could ever hope for. And it easily fits into any independent filmmaker's budget.

The entire package is so comprehensive that you'll be able to duplicate a high level of production value for any video project. You can use the four foot crane in tight spaces or extend the base support up for a reach of up to nine feet in the air, depending on the type of shot you might need to set up. The auto-tilt feature of the ProAm DVC60 ensures that your camera stays at that level and horizontal position providing smooth and professional shots.

But there's a lot more that goes into making this camera crane production package a high quality best seller. Its scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish ensures durability in the harshest settings. The design is based on lightweight and strong construction using CNC machined aluminum. The professional crane stand features an aluminum stand mount while others use easily breakable plastic.

With the ProAm crane's design itself registered as a U.S. patent, and 6061 aircraft aluminum forming its stable structure, you know this camera crane package is built to the highest standards. No wonder there is a LIFETIME warranty on the ProAm Camera Crane. A bright ProAm 7"” HD2 LCD screen with included sun hood helps you to preview your shots even outdoors when your camera is in the air, while the Canon BP Battery Adapter Plate gives you reliable, portable power. (Sony plate also available) The large aluminum crane stand with smooth 360 degree panning mount completes the package. Just add counterweights.

With the large crane carrying bag included in this low price, you'’ll feel like you have a portable movie studio anytime you pack this kit in your vehicle. And the truth is, you'’ll find so much capability and flexibility out of this system that you essentially will have that mobile studio. Just don'’t get all Hollywood on us after your next successful film or video shoot!




BEST SELLING Camera Crane! See why so many filmmakers all over the world choose ProAm Camera Cranes. Smooth vertical and horizontal movements, professional build quality and the unbeatable warranty make this the crane to buy.




Compact 4' crane
Overhead Camera Mount supports up to 12 lbs.
Lightweight, Sturdy Construction
Auto Tilt Mode Included
Optional Manual Tilt Available
Completely Tool-less


High-density powder-coating
6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Smooth 3-Axis Movements
CNC Machined Parts
US Patented Design



This is the package that your camera has been waiting for! The big and bright 7" HD2 color screen easily bests all other contenders. The small, lightweight battery adapter plate accepts Canon BP batteries that last up to 5 hours or more! (Sony plate also available) Completely portable made completely affordable.



Items Included


7" LCD Monitor
Accessory Shoe Mounting Adapter
Remote Control
AV Cable
6ft RCA Extension Cable
Canon BP Battery Adapter Plate



Velcro to attach battery to LCD
Tabletop mounting stand
DC Car Power Adapter
AC Adapter
4 - RCA Couplers