Heavy Duty 3 Inch Wheeled Professional Tripod Dolly, Supports 100 lbs.

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Great affordable dolly that's built to handle just about anything you can throw at it. It's all metal construction, large wheels and economical price m ake this our best heavy duty dolly for indie filmmakers and videographers. You can mount a standard tripod using the clamping mounts or a tripod taken out of its floor spreader using the secondary mounts at the end of the dolly legs.

  • Professional's Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly with Large Rubber Lined Lockable 3" Wheels
  • Includes mounts that accept tripod feet or feet made for floor spreaders
  • Handle and carrying bag included
  • Supports up to 100 lbs. easily
  • 1 Year Warranty

Mounting Dimensions

Using the Sliding Clamp:

Min length from center: 6.125 in / 155mm (12.25 in Diameter)
Max length from center: 16.5 in / 420mm (33 in Diameter)

For Tripods with Spreader

 Length from center: 18 in / 457mm (36 in Diameter)

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  • What is the total diameter of the dolly with legs extended?

    Each leg extends exactly 20-1/2" from the center of the dolly to the middle of each wheel (where the wheels arepointed outwards.) The diameter is 41" to the center of the wheels. The total diameter is 46-1/2" to the edge of the wheels, including the brakes.

  • What is the max working tripod diameter this unit can support?

    When using the sliding tripod leg clamps, the maximum diameter is 33 inches. For tripod feet from a spreader, the max diameter is 36 inches.

  • Is this dolly suitable for outdoor use?

    No, we wouldn't recommend this size and hardness of wheel for use outdoors. Generally, a larger diameter, pneumatic wheel would give better results on rough surfaces. For the smoothest motions outdoors, we would recommend a track dolly like this one: https://www.proamusa.com/products/solidtrax-universal-track-dolly