7 Inch LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade

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Once you make the switch to an LCD monitor on your DSLR camera, you’ll immediately see the benefits to not staring through a view finder for all of your video productions. But filming outdoor events or daytime video shoots can cause a glare on your LCD monitor, making it impossible to see what you are filming. The ProAm 7” LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade is exactly what you need. You’ll enjoy the ability to see in great detail what is on your external video monitor when shooting outdoors or in bright light.


Exterior 7 x 5 inches (18 x 12.7 cm)
Interior 6.7 x 4.5 inches (17 x 11.5 cm)

This flexible, black nylon wrapped LCD Video Monitor hood is designed specifically for 7” LCD Monitors and is compatible with all ProAm monitors of that size. The rigid frame and the black nylon of the ProAm Monitor Hood prevents external light from entering the monitor screen, letting you see the LCD screen clearly without glare.

This hood is very versatile. Its 2-piece construction lets you remove or attach the bottom section of the monitor hood to gain access to the monitor controls. It attaches instantly with adhesive-backed Velcro so it can be quickly and easily attached and removed. Its compact dimensions—the top has a depth of 5” which narrows down to 3.75” at the bottom—makes this accessory completely portable and stowable with the rest of your equipment for shooting on the go.

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  • Actual dimensions?

    The specific dimensions are - Exterior 7 x 5 inches (18 x 12.7 cm) and Interior 6.7 x 4.5 inches (17 x 11.5 cm)