100 Watts Step UP and Down Voltage Transformer - New Compact Design

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100 Watts Step UP and Down Voltage Transformer - New Compact Design

  • Model: WSS630 100 watt travel step up and step down voltage transformer
  • Perfect for laptops, Camcorders, Cell Phones, CD players, boom boxes, PSP, PS2, VCRs, Blu-Ray DVD players, DVD recorders, VCRs, etc..
  • Easy plug and play operation Perfect Travel Companion - Ultra Compact Size
  • Allows you to use American small low wattage 110-120 volt items outside the USA and also use overseas 220-240 volt items in the USA, North America, etc..
  • Remember to leave 50% slack for a long life of the transformer. For example, if you are using an item that is 70 watts the life of this converter could be reduced by 50% of its normal life.
  • Auto shut off function in case of over load.
  • Mounted with 2 flat pins (US, Mexico, Canada etc..). And comes with Euro plug adapter (as shown in picture above) for use outside the USA.
  • Can work as a Step Down Transformer or Step Up Transformer just by changing a switch on the unit:
    • Step Down Function: Converts 220/240 volts down to 110/120 volts
    • Step Up Function: Converts 110/120 volts up to 220/240 volts
  • Note: Voltage switch must be properly set before you plug-in the transformer to avoid any damage to the transformer.


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