ProAm USA P22 DSLR / Video Camera Shoulder Support

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The Newest DSLR / Camera Shoulder Support is the P22!

Handling a DV camera for long filming shoots can not only be a difficult task mentally, but it can take its toll physically. That’s why supports like the ProAm P22 DSLR Video Camera Shoulder Support not only allows you to make sure you achieve stable shots every time you’re holding the camera, but helps remove much of the load of actually carrying the camera itself.

The key, of course, is a lightweight structure that sits on your shoulder snugly without excessively digging in – and the easy clamping design ensures that you won’t have a hard time setting it up. There are adjustable settings not only for your DV or DSLR camera, but for your body to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible while wearing the shoulder support. 3 adjustable joints allow it to easily adapt to any camera and body type. You can shoot sporting events, weddings or any event that requires constant, but stabilized movement of the camera.

The plastic / foam construction makes for not only a lightweight device, but one that’s easily affordable as well – under $50! With dual screw mounts to ensure that the shoulder support is capable of handling just about any DV, HD or DSLR camera you attach to it, you can also be sure that it’s compatible with any type of camera that you bring with you. Easily fold it up, transport it, and you’ll be off to the next videography or filmmaking job – shoulders rested!

Straps included to get a tight and secure fit for hands free operation

Folds up small for easy transport and storage. Storage bag included.


  • Unit weight: 2 lbs 2 oz
  • Max Weight Load: 12 lbs
  • Min Camera Reach: 5 inches
  • Max Camera Reach: 12 inches
  • Min Unit Length: 15.75 inches
  • Max Unit Length: 24 inches

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